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Franco Sarto Samanta 5 (Women's)
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AWS Storage Gateway
User Guide (API Version 2013-06-30)

Unless otherwise noted, the following requirements are common to all gateway configurations.


Hardware and Storage Requirements

In this section, you can find information about the minimum hardware and settings for your gateway and the minimum amount of disk space to allocate for the required storage.

When deploying your gateway on-premises, you must make sure that the underlying hardware on which you deploy the gateway VM can dedicate the following minimum resources:

Four virtual processors assigned to the VM.

16 GiB of reserved RAM assigned to the VM.

80 GiB of disk space for installation of VM image and system data.

For more information, see Optimizing Gateway Performance . For information about how your hardware affects the performance of the gateway VM, see AWS Storage Gateway Limits .

When deploying your gateway on Amazon EC2, the instance size must be at least xlarge for your gateway to function. However, for the compute-optimized instance family the size must be at least

2xlarge . Use one of the following instance types recommended for your gateway type.

Recommended for file gateway types

General-purpose instance family— m4 or m5 instance type.

Compute-optimized instance family— c4 or c5 instance types. Select the instance size or higher to meet the required RAM requirements.

Memory-optimized instance family—r3 instance types.


When you create a gateway using the c4 or m4 instance type, it can't be changed to the c5 or m5 instance type. For information about how to upgrade your instance to the c5 or m5 instance type, see Propet Onalee Womens kQ9SR

Recommended for cached volumes and tape gateway types

General-purpose instance family—m4 instance types. We don't recommend using the instance type.

Compute-optimized instance family—c4 instance types. Select the instance size or higher to meet the required RAM requirements.

Storage-optimized instance family—d2 or i2 instance types

When deploying your gateway on an Amazon EC2 instance, you must make sure that you allocate the following minimum resources:

If you have more than 5 million objects in your Amazon S3 bucket and you are using a General Purposes SSD volume, a minimum root EBS volume of 350 GiB is needed for acceptable performance of your gateway during start up. For information about how to increase your volume size, see .

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Our Undergraduate Minor in Education is one of Berkeley's most popular Minor programs – and for good reason. It is perfect if you’re considering a career in education or teaching, or if you’re seeking to know more about educational topics for your field.

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